Bangsawan Gemala Malam
Bangsawan Gemala Malam

Bangsawan Gemala Malam

In its heyday in Singapore, Bangsawan, a form of Malay operatic theatre, would regale audiences with its fantastical characters, and mix of drama, music, and dance.

Now, Teater Ekamatra presents a lush, contemporary take on Bangsawan, in its adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s beloved plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a comic tale that follows four lovers as they escape to the forest, only to be bewitched by fairies in a deceptive game of love and fantasy.

Set against the exuberance of Nusantara, Bangsawan Gemala Malam revisits Shakespeare’s magic-infused world with music, set and costumes celebrating the region’s cultural vibrancy.

Don’t miss this delightful evening of theatre, as Bangsawan Gemala Malam invites you to revel in the world’s perennial obsessions: love, jealousy and magic.

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