Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy
Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy

Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy

“ Graffiti is something written on a wall, and, of course art can be exhibited or produced anywhere; a wall is just another venue.” – Matthew Slotover
Artesan Gallery + Studio proudly presents Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy, a first-time showcase of works by street art collective RSCLS [pronounced: ras-kuhls].
Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy is a collaboration between Artesan and RSCLS and takes an imaginative form of an installation and wall jam, as well as works on canvas from the collective’s Southeast Asia-wide event, The Solidarity Movement.
The title of the exhibition references a quote in Michael Ondaatje novel, In the Skin of a Lion, which speaks of personal transformations and evolving identities. Scratch a Wall or Go Crazy, is an artistic purging of pent-up energies and ideas, a “decluttering” of the old and redundant, of renewal and rejuvenation; and moving forward.
Says the founder of Artesan Gallery + Studio, Roberta Dans, “The gallery is excited to present this show and work with RSCLS for the first time. We’ve been yearning to inject some vibrancy, high spirit and wit with our programming after the COVID doldrums. Our collaboration with RSCLS will absolutely do just that!”

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