Tonalities: The Ink Works of Cheong Soo Pieng
Tonalities: The Ink Works of Cheong Soo Pieng

Tonalities: The Ink Works of Cheong Soo Pieng


14 May (Fri) - 30 May (Sun)

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Monday, 12:00 - 19:00

Tuesday, 12:00 - 19:00

Wednesday, 12:00 - 19:00

Thursday, 12:00 - 19:00

Friday, 12:00 - 19:00

Saturday, 12:00 - 19:00

Sunday, 12:00 - 19:00


Keppel Rd, 089065 39, Singapore


Immerse yourself in the story of Cheong Soo Pieng, Singapore’s pioneer art master and one of the most innovative Chinese artists of the 20th century, in artcommune gallery’s Tonalities: The Ink Works of Cheong Soo Pieng. With this first-ever retrospective survey of the artist’s entire body of ink work, visitors can look forward to over 100 ink exhibits that showcase different periods of the artist’s career.

Travel back in time to Cheong’s overseas painting sojourns and learn how they shape his oeuvre – the Bali trip that cultivated his lifelong preoccupation with Balinese figures and motifs; his encounters with post-war contemporary art in Europe; and his re-invention of Chinese classicism after returning from China.

Uncover untold stories with never-before-seen works from his final years, and view this pioneer artist in a new light!

Art collectors and enthusiasts can also get hold of artcommune’s new bilingual (English and Chinese) publication, which shares the same title of the exhibition, to learn more about the artist’s body of ink work. For more information on the exhibition, visit artcommune’s website or follow artcommune’s Instagram and Facebook.

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