Silver Arts 2019
Silver Arts 2019

Silver Arts 2019

Silver Arts is a month-long festival showcasing the meaningful possibilities seniors have in and through the arts in everyday lives. It highlights the significance of arts engagement as people age, and opens conversations on creative ageing - how the arts foster creativity and social engagement towards enhancing the well-being of seniors and the people around them, through imagination and shared experiences. The festival also demonstrates the role of the arts in forging a sense of identity, self-worth and belonging as individuals have access to choices, knowledge and connection to community across generations, cultural backgrounds, and abilities. The festival offers opportunities for seniors to share their stories that shape collective memories and forge stronger inter-generational understanding. Into its eighth edition, this year’s festival will take place over four weeks from 5 to 29 September islandwide. With an extensive line-up of arts programmes and activities in different languages and dialects, there will be something for everyone.

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