AFFECTIONS by The Assembly Point
AFFECTIONS by The Assembly Point

AFFECTIONS by The Assembly Point

Love makes the world go round. We hear in it music, we see it in movies, we imagine it through literature. We wax lyrical about romance and how we’re predestined to be swept off our feet when we’ve found the One. Love hurts and even so, its virtues far outweigh all its dysfunctionalities. We tell ourselves: “Romance is a construct and we’re better than that”, only to fall right back into its timeless seduction. So, what is it about love that makes it worth the lifelong pursuit? Another love song tops the charts. Another fling in a foreign land. Another bout of cold feet. Affections is a new comedic play about romantic love and all its trappings. Inspired by Chuck Mee’s Big Love and Limonade Tous les Jours, we follow seven characters as they navigate expectations, identity politics, and cultural differences when it comes to the precarious four-letter word.

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