Pameran Poskad 2020, Open Call for Artist
Pameran Poskad 2020, Open Call for Artist

Pameran Poskad 2020, Open Call for Artist


22 May (Fri) - 15 Oct (Thu)

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This one is for you. The Open Call for Poskad Artists is on from now to 1 October 2020! Pameran Poskad 2020 is a gathering of postcard-sized artworks exhibited by internationally renowned artists, alongside masterpieces created by hobbyists and laymen. Anyone can be an artist! In its seventh edition, about 4000 pieces of artwork by over 400 participating artists from Singapore and around the world will be jointly exhibited at a public gallery, with workshops and artwork sales from $10 to $1000.

Pameran Poskad (meaning ‘postcard exhibition’ in Malay) is a community art exhibition that shares the joy of experiencing art as creators, appreciators, and collectors. It’s a show by ordinary people from all walks of life who may or may not consider themselves to be artists. A unique confluence of contemporary artists, art patrons, and emerging talent, this event hopes to encourage aspiring artists in their pursuit of creativity. It’s an affirmation of personal expression and imagination for everyone and anyone.

Pameran Poskad is not only building a platform for people to realise their creative potential, but is also actively engaging with Singapore communities. Through its partnership with the organization, Beautiful People, participating artists can choose to donate 10%, 50% or all of the proceeds from the sale of their artworks in the exhibition. These gifts go to supporting Beautiful People’s programmes, as a way of paying forward into the community.

At the exhibition planned for December 2020, all types of artwork, ranging from two-dimensional prints, paintings and illustrations, to three-dimensional objects, ceramics and even toys will be put on display – as long as they fit within the postcard-sized sleeve. The ‘poskad’-size means the works are small and compact, and easy for anyone to purchase and collect an original piece of artwork.

Let’s make lots of art together!
Sign up by 1 October 2020 at
Artwork must be received by 15 Oct 2020

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