Vim Vitae: The Journey Within
Vim Vitae: The Journey Within

Vim Vitae: The Journey Within

Explore Vim Vitae: The Journey Within An online exhibition of uplifting work by Lara Scolari Proudly presented by Addicted Art Gallery When the four walls close in it’s time to find a window into another world. We’re inviting you to immerse yourself in spectacular colours, layers of wonder and prisms of light right where you are. Join us for an online exhibition exploring the energetic work of Australian abstract expressionist, Lara Scolari. Lara’s latest body of work, Vim Vitae captures the life force that bubbles and bursts invisibly all around us, and burns just as brightly in our body and minds even as we sit still; especially as we sit still. Celebrating our creative energy Lara’s paintings are a reminder that renewal is a constant available to all of us.

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