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Temple of Fine Arts


Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) Singapore marks its 40th anniversary with the debut of TranscenDance, its first full-length dance film. TranscenDance, a fully original work, charts the journey of five dancers who navigate one question: “Who am I?”

TranscenDance brings its audience through a deeply personal reflection of the quintessential life cycle of a dancer. Each dancer sets out on their own distinct life track, grappling with various challenges, all the while trying to find an equilibrium between dance and life; passion and duty. Expressing polarities in emotions; monotony to wonder, fear to love, struggle to balance, the 5 dancers seek to forge their identity through dance and discover the role it plays in every stage of their life. An invitation to reflect on our own journeys, TranscenDance seeks to provide a safe space for discourse on failure, finding balance and personal growth.

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