Enjoy a Malay arts and culture festival from home

Enjoy a Malay arts and culture festival from home

The Esplanade’s Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts is back this year, spotlighting Malay arts and culture activities through free online performances and storytelling sessions. The festival, which takes place from 10 to 27 Jun, features Singapore artists such as Safuan Johari from the music duo NADA, poet Sofia Nin as well as actor Al Hafiz Sanusi.

Here are five arts events from the festival that anyone can enjoy from home:

For the music lover

festival-opening-sounding-of-the-drums festival of arts

Festival Opening: Sounding of the Drums

Kickstart the festival by taking in the myriad of sounds and movements that are unique to the Malay Archipelago. Held online on 10 Jun, the performance features non-profit arts organisations Gamelan Asmaradana and Gendang Akustika, as well as silat collective Aliran Bebas. Learn more about Festival Opening: Sounding of the Drums here.

For the experimental

gambus-electronica festival of arts

Gambus Electronica

Go on a sonic journey with Singapore sound designer Safuan Johari and oud master Azrin Abdullah as they collaborate and experiment with new sounds. Their performance, which melds traditional melodies with electronic sounds, will be streamed online on 11 Jun, and the recording will be available until 27 Jun. Learn more about Gambus Electronica here.

For the family

ada-biji-saga-dalam-saku-kami festival of arts

There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets!

Delight the young ones with this Malay storytelling session based on the children’s picture book Ada Biji Saga Di Dalam Saku Kami! (2016) by Maria Mahat. The show gets its name from the translation of the book title, and it follows two characters from the book, Mahir and Aqil, as they explore Singapore’s past and Malay culture. The performance will be streamed live on 12 Jun, and the recording will be available until 27 Jun. Learn more about There are saga seeds in our pockets! here.

For the retro soul

kribo-records-sounds-of-lecak festival of arts

Kribo Records: Sounds Of Lecak                                     

Jam along with Singapore independent label The Kribo Brothers as they perform Malay songs from genres spanning funk to disco and soul. Their online performance will be streamed live on 12 Jun and available for viewing until 27 Jun. Learn more about Kribo Records: Sounds of Lecak here.

For the introspective

poemusic-blessed festival of arts

Poe(M)usic: Blessed

Lose yourself in the world of poetry and experimental music with this theatrical performance. The show, which will be live streamed  on 13 Jun and available online until 27 Jun, features performances by poets Sofia Nin and Aisyah Lyana, as well as singer-songwriter Namie Rasman. The artists will also be sharing about their life experiences in the show. Learn more about Poe(M)usic: Blessed here.

Learn more about Pesta Raya here.

(Photos: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay)

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