Deepavali celebrations and events

Deepavali celebrations and events

Deepavali or Diwali (the Festival of Lights) falls on 4 Nov this year, with events running from 25 Sep when the first lights appeared in the streets of Little India. There’s a competition to find the home with the best festival decorations, trishaw tours organised by the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC), a TikTok Deepavali dance challenge with cash prizes, a special street light-up on Campbell Lane, a record-breaking paper-flower display, and a celebration of biryani involving 30 restaurants. 

Just after dark on 21 Oct the lights blazed on in all their glory along Serangoon and Race Course Roads, featuring illuminations and decorations suggestive of the architecture of South India.

If you are especially proud of your Deepavali home decorations, take photos and submit them to the competition Facebook page before 29 Oct. The entry with the most likes wins $200.

The last of the Indian Heritage Centre’s Trishaw Trails is on 30 Oct. Sign up for a fun 15-minute ride that takes in the sights and sounds of Little India as it celebrates the Festival of Lights.

On 31 Oct you can take part in a gamification tour experience, solving puzzles and uncovering the mysterious Lost Relic of Little India. While you have fun on the puzzle hunt, you will get under the skin of this vibrant district and pick up on aspects of Indian culture.

Share a TikTok video showing off your dancing skills and a delicious Deepavali hamper could be yours. Take on the TikTok challenge by dressing in Indian attire and dancing to a Deepavali song as a group of up to four people. Be sure to submit your entry by 5 Nov.

A miniature replica of the Deepavali street light-up arch along Campbell Lane welcomes visitors to the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC), with decorated arches and fluorescent peacocks that come to life after dark. Visitors to the IHC can pick up Deepavali-themed money packets, too. Just take a photo at IHC, upload it to social media, and use the tag #IHCDeepavali to redeem your packets.

IHC hosts a papercraft workshop for the young and young-at-heart on 14 Nov. Try your hand at this traditional skill and walk away with your own festive paper lamp. A week later you can watch Lisha, a true master of papercraft, create an installation using 100,000 colourful paper flowers made by multi-racial organisations all over Singapore.

If you work up an appetite while wandering around taking in the sights and sounds of Deepavali, you can drop into any one of 30 restaurants in Little India and neighbouring Jalan Besar as they celebrate Deepavali with special biryani dishes at special prices.

Find out what’s happening on and around Deepavali here.

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