Deck the halls with food and theatre

Deck the halls with food and theatre

With five more Mondays left till Christmas, the pressure is on for many to find the right gifts, stitch up dinner plans, and still have fun. If you remain at a loss for novel ways to spend the most wonderful time of the year, why not give dinner theatre a try?

As its name suggests, dinner theatre is a theatrical experience where the audience tucks into a meal while watching a play unfold around them.

This Christmas, the theatrical supper club, ANDSOFORTH, is staging the dinner theatre, Marie & The Nutcracker, an adaptation of the popular ballet, The Nutcracker. Think elaborate sets, sumptuous food, professional actors in stunning costumes, and all the magic that makes theatre larger than life.

For the uninitiated, however, the idea of dining while being part of an elaborate theatre production can seem overwhelming, if not completely stressful. To ease any first-time jitters, we asked the supper club’s founder Stuart Wee, for three tips:

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  1. Come ready for an adventure

Unlike a typical dinner or theatre night out, every part of the dinner theatre is designed to thrill, surprise and delight, from the carefully curated music to lighting design and unexpected ingredients in the food. So, leave your expectations at the door and embrace the novel.

  1. Be prepared to participate

The fourth wall comes down at a dinner theatre. The diner-cum-audience is likely to be involved in the plot and play a role in the unfolding drama. It helps to be fully present and to listen out for instructions. 

  1. Bring company 

A sure way to have fun at a dinner theatre is to go with company. Sharing the immersive experience with friends or loved ones doubles the merriment.

Details on Marie & The Nutcracker here.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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