Charlie Lim punches back

Charlie Lim punches back

Home-grown pop wunderkind Charlie Lim was so burnt out after his critically-acclaimed debut in 2015 that he had to stop listening to pop music for a while.

But after a three-year hiatus since his launch of Time/Space, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter is back with an album, Check Hook, and a headline concert on 7 Dec.

The album, named after a boxing move where one pivots around an opponent while throwing a hook, sums up Lim’s journey back into the spotlight since his debut.

He says: “Time/Space took quite a lot out of me, so I had to take some time off to recalibrate and figure out what I wanted to do next. I needed to get back to why I made music in the first place.”

He travelled overseas, made music with some friends, boxed recreationally to get out of his own head, and gradually found himself back in the swing of things, including coming up with this year’s National Day Parade theme song.

Check Hook, which took him 1.5 years to make, is a pivot away from the style of Time/Space. Unlike his earlier release, which he describes as “a heart-on-sleeve, slow-burn kind of record,” his sophomore effort borrows from electronic dance music, although he tried to subvert some of those tropes to come up with something more intricate, he says.

He is especially pumped about his upcoming concert on home soil. For one, he will be reunited with his band, The Mothership, comprising musicians from Singapore’s jazz and indie music scene, such as Chok Kerong (organist/keyboardist) and Jase Sng (bass player). “It’s going to be a massive reunion and a snapshot of how far we’ve come,” he says.

He is also looking forward to meeting with his fans – those who have followed him since his debut, as well as more recently.

As for what comes after, he says: “Hopefully more touring, but not before a well-deserved break for myself and the team.”


Details on Charlie Lim’s 7 Dec concert here.

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