Bringing art closer to home
PAssionArts Festival returns this year with over 500 arts activities and programmes at 38 arts villages island-wide. (Photos: People’s Association)

Bringing art closer to home

From this weekend until August, art lovers will no longer have to venture out of their neighbourhood to get their arts fix.

With the PAssionArts Festival returning for its eighth edition, residents can enjoy more than 500 arts activities and programmes spanning 38 art villages island-wide. Open to all – young or old, arts novice or enthusiast – there’s an event for everyone.

Mr Lee Wei Qiang, Assistant Director, Organising Secretariat Team at People’s Association, says: “PAssionArts Festival aims to reach out to all Singapore residents. Every workshop and art village is catered to citizens of all ages.”

Each art village and its events fall under one of five thematic experiences that make up the festival – Story Land, Starry Starry Night, Art Kaleidoscope, Season of Painting and Pop-Up Art.

Not sure which to attend first? Read on for our guide to these five experiences.

1. Story Land
Perfect for those with an imaginative streak, Story Land brings a variety of tales to life by the beach and in an open field – from the rich history of Malay percussion to classic fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel and Alice in Wonderland. After dark, festival-goers can explore an illuminated forest of trees, clouds and giant mushrooms in FuntARTstic Storyland: Light-up Edition, while putting their storytelling and music jamming skills to the test.

2. Starry Starry Night
The magic of Starry Starry Night begins after sunset. Channel your inner boyband with nostalgic tunes in Flashback to the 90s!, try your hand at glass painting and water marbling in Carousel of Time, or leave an art jamming session with a Bob Ross-worthy canvas painting. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience under the moonlit sky.


3. Art Kaleidoscope
If there were ever a time to try a new art form, this is it. True to the theme, offerings range from stained glass to marbled art and even more esoteric art forms like Peranakan tile painting and Nagomi art (finger-painted pastel art). Those who enjoy tactile activities like crafts will be spoilt for choice with the wide array of workshops at Art Kaleidoscope.

4. Season of Painting
Your humble HDB block could soon be transformed into a work of art, as one of seven HDB blocks that will have their facades painted over with iconic images of Singapore. Express your creativity with Instagram-worthy shots of these striking murals and the colourfully-painted Garden of HeARTs installations at 200 community locations island-wide. You can even give acrylic canvas painting a go at the mass art jamming session, Let’s Paint Together.

5. Pop-Up Art
See how old and new come together in a fusion of works from residents and local artists alike. Featuring a collection of specially-curated visual installations co-created by these talented individuals and groups, this experience mixes elements of the past with a modern touch. Get inspired by a variety of installations that reference tales such as Alice in Wonderland and local landmarks like the iconic Old Dove Playground at Dakota Crescent.

Details on PAssionArts Festival 2019: Our Home, Our HeARTs here.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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