Baka Scrip: #ikancantik by Teater Ekamatra

Baka Scrip: #ikancantik by Teater Ekamatra

Ikan Cantik is a tapestry of 6 episodic playlets performed by 6 actresses examining the age-old idea of beauty. The play meditates on issues such as the historical (mis)representation of women, gender roles and sexuality, women in popular culture and the biases, privileges of female power dynamics. Fun, bawdy, emotive and sometimes intense, Aidli Mosbit’s Ikan Cantik is an attempt to open the clasps of the baggages that women carry with them and briefly allow us to look inside.

Catch Baca Skrip: #IkanCantik on Fri, 24 July. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Brought to you by Teater Ekamatra.

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