Art to see at the WeCare Arts Exhibition

Art to see at the WeCare Arts Exhibition

Head down to the WeCare Arts Exhibition to witness how art has the power to uplift, encourage and spur creativity. Held at the concourse of the National Museum of Singapore until 28 May, the exhibition features eight community arts projects by children, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

The featured projects are supported under the WeCare Arts Fund, a funding scheme by the National Arts Council and five Community Development Councils (CDC)s, which seeks to make the arts more accessible to beneficiaries of social service agencies and self-help groups.

Here are some of the different community art projects on show at the exhibition:

Draw with Wire arts fund

Draw With Wire

These metal wire drawings, made using a single, unbroken line, were done by children and youth from the Chinese Development Assistance Council. They were taught how to make the drawings by multidisciplinary visual artist Tay Bee Aye. Through the activity, they learnt how to use wire as a media to create two-dimensional artworks (above) and explore spatial forms through a combination of simple fine motor skills.

My Creative Expression Jumping Clay and Batik Exposure arts fun

My Creative Expression: Jumping Clay And Batik Exposure

Clay works and batik paintings (above) made by students of self-help group Yayasan Mendaki are also on display at the exhibition. Themed My Magical Garden, the clay works depict fantastical creatures, and the colourful batik paintings depict patterns ranging from abstract to floral designs. They were taught by artist Ahmad Shah Redza Bin M Salleh, who led them to explore creative and practical processes while developing their imaginations and problem-solving skills.

Together We Can Do It arts fund

Together We Can Do It

These drawings were done by seniors from the Concern and Care Society using a technique based on the Zentangle method, where dots, lines, and simple curves are used to create images of structural patterns. The seniors learnt to make the drawings through Zoom workshops with art educator Ng Geok Seng.

My Imaginary Friend arts fund

My Imaginary Friend

Vibrant decorative ceramic art pieces made by children and youth participants from Morning Star Community Services are also exhibited. They were taught by ceramic artist Poh Sin Yong, and the experience was an effective way to encourage curiosity and build motor skills for them.

Collaging Heritage Goea Online arts fund

Collaging Heritage Goes Online!

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s colourful heritage, the seniors from SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home made these collages (above) using printed materials, as well as magazine and newspaper scraps. The seniors learnt to make the artwork through face-to-face meetings and online discussions via Zoom with visual artists Joanne Lio and Karen Koh.

Learn more about the WeCare Arts Exhibition here.

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