Art that celebrates our past and future
One of 200 Garden of HeARTs installations, featuring multi-coloured hearts hand-painted and installed by residents in neighbourhoods island-wide as part of the PAssionArts Festival. (Photo: People’s Association)

Art that celebrates our past and future

From whitewashed statues to light art, this year has seen its fair share of art commemorating Singapore’s landmark Bicentennial, which traces the country’s 700-year history.

The latest arts showcase to join this trend is a collective effort by some 250,000 residents. Titled Garden of HeARTs, it comprises 200 art installations featuring multi-coloured hearts hand-painted and installed by residents in neighbourhoods island-wide. Each artwork expresses the resident’s hopes and dreams for Singapore’s future ahead of the nation’s 54th birthday.

Garden of HeARTs is part of the PAssionArts Festival, which is into its eighth edition and runs from 6 July to 25 August. The festival is organised by People’s Association in collaboration with its 88 Community Arts and Culture Clubs.

The festival offers over 500 arts activities, experiences and visual art displays island-wide on the theme Our Home, Our HeARTs. The theme speaks of the festival’s hope – to foster a sense of community and belonging among residents of all ages, ahead of the National Day celebration.

Events are spread across 39 Art Villages island-wide, and span five thematic experiences – Story Land, Starry Starry Night, Art Kaleidoscope, Season Of Painting and Pop-Up Art. These include hands-on events, events after dark, events for the young and elderly, and specially curated visual installations.

Festival-goers can also look forward to Boat Ki at Whimsical Arts Wonderland – a large-scale installation of a Chinese junk, built and painted by artist Justin Loke and 200 volunteers. The installation is inspired by Boat Quay’s bustling trade history.

Other festival highlights include Hues in Tune 2, featuring music and dance performances at Kampung Admiralty and art booths inspired by 200 years of Singapore’s history, as well as The Art of Movement, a travelling art experience which includes performances and installations.

Mr Patrick Sim, Director of Community Arts and Culture at People’s Association, says: “Over the past eight years, PAssionArts has brought residents together through a common interest in community arts. This year, in commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial, the Garden of HeARTs initiative will see residents coming together to paint their aspirations for Singapore, while making new friends and co-creating beautiful art pieces for their neighbourhood.”

Details on PAssionArts Festival 2019: Our Home, Our HeARTs here.

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