Art brings celebrity father-and-son duo closer

Art brings celebrity father-and-son duo closer

Actor Chen Yi Xi could not shake away the thought: What if he turned his father’s popular book, My Little Red Dot, into an animated film?

The storytelling-cum-activity book, launched in 2015, is about a fish that goes on a journey of self-exploration. It is often cited by Yi Xi’s father, well-known actor Edmund Chen, in the motivational talks he gives. Having a film that could be played at the talks would make things much easier for Chen.

Yi Xi, who used to be a computer graphics artist at a gaming company, sold the idea to Chen, who readily agreed to it. Six months on, the film makes its premiere as the centrepiece of the newly opened exhibition, My Little Red Dot Experience, at the LivingwithArt gallery in Outram Road.

The exhibition includes related artworks and music by the collaborators who worked on the animated film with Yi Xi. Chen says they hadn’t planned to do an exhibition, but friends who heard about the animation encouraged them to take the work to another level.

Yi Xi says: “The exhibition creates an experience that allows the audience to be fully immersed in the story and the message of the book.” He adds that it also celebrates the limitless potential for art to spark collaborations across disciplines.

On the process of collaborating with his father, Yi Xi says half-jokingly that “living under the same roof as your boss can be stressful”. Chen acknowledges that he is meticulous and has high standards, but he didn’t set out any expectations for Yi Xi.

He says: “I didn’t expect Yi Xi to finish the film, especially since he is so busy with acting. But as a parent, I’m very proud that he did what he set out to do.”


Details about the My Little Red Dot Experience exhibition here.

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