A Singapore take on Christmas

A Singapore take on Christmas

Homegrown theatre company W!ld Rice is taking on Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol, for its annual pantomime, and giving it a uniquely Singapore spin.

A $ingapore Carol, directed by actor-comedian Hossan Leong, and starring actor Sebastian Tan of Broadway Beng fame, tells the story of a crazy rich Singaporean Scrooge, S.K. Loo, who is paid a surprise visit by three spirits on Christmas Eve.

Playwright Jonathan Lim says he made his Scrooge “more relatable to Singaporeans from different cultures and religions and with different perspectives on life” by emphasising the character’s obsession with success.

He says: “We’re always told to keep our eyes on the prize, to sacrifice parts of our souls to achieve success. We can so easily become Scrooge.”

The musical also offers a different experience from the usual Christmas pantomime, by moving away from slapstick comedy, to humour that is more sophisticated, says Leong.

The musical score by Elaine Chan promises surprises too, featuring K-pop tunes in addition to traditional Christmas carols.

For a Christmas show with a difference, one that uses comedy to hold a mirror to society, and which also invites the audience to reflect on their life and legacy, don’t miss this performance.

Details on A $ingapore Carol here.

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