A new musical about Pulau Ubin
The cast of Rock Guardians of the Sea rehearsing the new musical about Pulau Ubin. (Photo: The Fool Theatre)

A new musical about Pulau Ubin

Ever heard the story of how Pulau Ubin was formed? Legend has it that three animals – a frog, a pig and an elephant – challenged each other to a race. The stakes were high – the animals that failed would be turned to rock.

This, and other little-known legends about Pulau Ubin, are what homegrown theatre company The Fool Theatre hopes to bring to audiences. Its new Mandarin musical, Rock Guardians of the Sea, presents forgotten myths about Pulau Ubin, albeit with a modern twist.

The light-hearted production brings audiences on an adventure with the protagonist, Wang Cai. A student, he falls asleep while researching about Pulau Ubin for a school project. In his dream, he meets various denizens of the island while trying to find his way back home.

Playwright Terence Chan is a fan of local legends and fantasy novels such as the Harry Potter series. He says he was inspired to create a musical that brought a touch of the magical to Singapore heritage.

The show includes six original music compositions and six soundscapes by composer Jonelle Lim. Among the instruments featured are the traditional Chinese strings erhu and pipa.

For director Xavier Tang, the production is about preserving Singapore’s heritage and culture by sparking fresh interest in the subject. His hope: that audiences will go away feeling proud of their heritage and inspired to learn more about it.

Details about Rock Guardians of the Sea here.

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