5 ways to spice up your dates with fun arts activities

5 ways to spice up your dates with fun arts activities

If the air travel limitations have foiled your plans for a romantic year-end getaway, fret not. Here are five off-the-beaten path arts activities that you can enjoy with your date in Singapore. Find one that suits your interests as a couple, and you might just find yourselves discovering a new shared love for the arts. 

For the trendy couple

Gillman Barracks arts and culture

Art day out at Gillman Barracks

Explore contemporary art in this arts enclave, where former army barracks have been converted into swanky art galleries. There are 10 galleries located throughout the area, including well-known names in the arts scene such as Fost Gallery and Mizuma Gallery. Find out which exhibitions are currently on show in the galleries at Gillman Barracks here.

For the couple that loves all things artisanal

Studio Asobi arts and culture

Beginner’s pottery class 

Get your hands messy with a pottery class. One pottery studio offering trial lessons for beginners is Studio Asobi. Its 3-hour trial class covers different pottery techniques such as hand-building and wheel-throwing, and at the end of the session, participants can take home their work of art. Learn more about the workshops offered at Studio Asobi here.

For the spontaneous couple

Liberty Art Jam arts and culture

Art jam session

Pick up a brush and paint how you feel in the moment. One art studio that offers art jamming sessions is Liberty Art Jam. Its 150-minute art jamming session comes with canvas, acrylic paint and art tools. All you have to do is rock up to the art studio, let your creative juices flow and have fun together. Register for the Liberty Art Jam workshop here.

For the couple with a soft spot for vintage items

Vintage Camera Museum arts and culture

Visit to the Vintage Cameras Museum  

Go down memory lane and trace the evolution of cameras at the Vintage Cameras Museum in Jalan Kledek. More than a thousand vintage cameras are on display at the museum, including novel items such as spy cameras and a pistol-shaped camera. Plan your visit to the Vintage Cameras Museum here.

For the thrill-seeking couple

Interactive theatre experience

For a novel escape room-meets-theatre experience, be sure to catch Murder in Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens. The virtual mystery escape room experience includes sketches conceived by well-known Singapore playwright Chong Tze Chien, and performed by actors such as Benjamin Kheng, Irsyad Dawood and Bright Ong. The 90-minute live-action gameplay runs on a choose-your-adventure mechanic, with the audience able to interact with clues in the game to help solve the case and determine the characters’ fates. Get your tickets to Murder in Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens here.

(Photos: Gillman Barracks, Studio Asobi, Artify Studio, Vintage Camera Museum, Nomadic Collective)

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