5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with the arts

5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with the arts

Being a mother is like being an artist. In our growing years, they skillfully create environments for us to learn by opening spaces that allow us to imagine, explore, and express ourselves. It takes years of dedication and creativity to shape their work of art – also known as family.

To celebrate our Mothers for being fine artists in their own right, we’ve put together ways you can show your appreciation with the arts this May.

1. Get her flowers that will last forever

Floral Art & Watercolour Illustration Workshop

forever flowers workshop mother's day

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they have a short lifespan even with the most delicate care. This workshop is all about having fun with Mum and keeping the memories – and flowers – alive for much longer.

You’ll learn about basic facial sketching, colour theory, basic watercolour techniques, floral watercolour painting, and creative floral flat-lay design. In addition, you’ll also get a complimentary preserved flower bouquet when you book this package to celebrate the day.

The three-hour workshop runs on 7 and 28 May, with light refreshments and art materials provided.

Find out more about the workshop and book your session here.

2. Take her back to Singapore’s swinging 60s

New World’s End | Immersive Street Theatre

Whisk Mum away this May – way back to the swinging 60s in Singapore when cabarets, boxing matches, and film screenings drew crowds every night to the iconic New World Amusement Park, which once sat on a six acre-tract along the historical neighbourhood of Jalan Besar.

Known for their alternative heritage trails, the latest edition of OH! Open House’s walking tour is an hour-long multi-sensory theatrical experience that takes audiences through the shophouses and hidden alleys of Jalan Besar. Narrated in English and entirely on headphones, the immersive journey will unfold through the fictitious lives of two people who meet and fall in love amid the dark, dazzling chaos of New World Amusement Park.

Headphones and MP3 players are provided.

Find out more about the trail and book your tickets here.

3. Bring her outdoors for some old-school fun

Blast To The Past

Blast To The Past mother's day

As part of the Singapore Heritage Festival, The Storytelling Centre Limited celebrates the kampong spirit with activities from foraging edible plants and catching spiders to playing traditional games and enjoying snacks like kueh-kueh.

Situated at City Sprouts on Henderson Road, the event runs on 21 & 22 May from 9am-12pm. Bring the whole family along and let Mum and Dad relive their childhoods and indulge in a weekend of nostalgia.

Find out more about the event and register here.

4. Learn the art of Batik painting together

Batik Painting Workshop

batik painting workshop mother's day

You won’t want to miss this batik painting workshop where Mum and you will get the chance to express your creativity while learning the basics of batik painting.

Facilitated by Singaporean artist Kamal Dollah, who holds a Master of Arts with a focus on batik, the workshop takes place on 28 May at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio.

In addition to your unique creation, you will also receive a craft set that includes an exclusive pre-waxed Pesta Raya 2022 design, painting materials, and a window frame card folder to commemorate your artful experience with Mum.

Find out more about the workshop and purchase your tickets here.

5. Serenade her with songs of love

Mothers’ Day Special by Signifique & RINES

serenade mothers-day-special-by-signifique-and-rines

Last but not least, treat Mum to a heartwarming evening of love with a collaborative performance by eclectic homegrown artist RINES and song-signing performance group Signifique, which comprises deaf and hearing volunteers.

Held on 8 May at 5.45pm, 6.45pm & 7.45pm at Esplanade Concourse, the free performance will feature RINES paying tribute to mothers with a selection of songs alongside Signifique, whose hope is to showcase the beauty and versatility of sign language through song-signing.

Find out more about this performance here.

(Photos: Art Pop, Singapore HeritageFest, Esplanade)

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