5 things the Doraemon exhibition taught us about Singapore
Our very own Nobita, A List writer Xavier Toh, hangs out with Doraemon at the National Museum of Singapore. (Photos: Claudio Chock)

5 things the Doraemon exhibition taught us about Singapore

You are never too old for cartoons, especially when they offer timeless lessons. The popular cartoon character, Doraemon, has popped up at the National Museum of Singapore to bring to life stories about Singapore and artefacts in the museum. The exhibition, Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore, runs until 27 Dec 2020. Here are five fun things we learned about Singapore through the exhibition.

Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore doraemon exhibition outdoor

Singapore is endlessly photogenic
Doraemon pops up at various locations around the museum, from the front lawn to galleries inside the building, and it is always in a different pose, ready for wefies with fans. Snap a picture next to the well-loved robot cat and you will likely discover Singapore through a new lens. 

Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore doraemon exhibition gadget

We will make a gadget for anything and everything
Similar to how Doraemon is a tireless creator of cutting-edge gadgets, so too has Singapore produced innovative household items and personal gadgets, including a TV set shaped like an astronaut’s helmet, and mobile pagers inspired by the 20th-century Space Race. Some of these made-in-Singapore gadgets will not look out of place in a sci-fi movie. 

Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore doraemon exhibition gadget time travel

Museums are our very own time machines
At the exhibition, historical artefacts on display in the Gadgets of the Past section give us a glimpse of what life was like in the old days. In the adjacent Gadgets of the Future section, novel creations from the Doraemon cartoon give us a peek into possible innovations for the future.

We will hunt high and low for freebies
The exhibition has an online scavenger hunt, aptly named Let’s Jalan-Jalan, where participants can virtually visit different neighbourhoods in Singapore, learn about lesser-known stories in these estates and take a virtual quiz to win special Singapore-themed Doraemon collectibles.

We are constantly looking to upgrade 
Have you ever looked at something and thought, “I can do better”? Well, you have another chance to do so. The exhibition has a cool activity where the public can download a design template for an artefact in the museum and give it a makeover. 

Get started on Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore here.

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