5 SingLit books to check out

5 SingLit books to check out

Nearing the end of your current read and wondering what to lose yourself in next? Consider celebrating homegrown literature with a SingLit book. Read on for our recommendations on local literary gems to sink your teeth into.

Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa

Mistbound singlit books

Check out author Daryl Kho’s beautiful children’s book, Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa (2021) that introduces children to the concept of dementia. Supported by Dementia Singapore and TOUCH Community Service, the book follows Alexis, who is on a mission to gather a few necessary ingredients to help glue her grandfather’s memories back together.

The Amazing Sarong

AmazingSarong singlit books

Jazz up your child’s bedtime story with author and artist Quek Hong Shin’s The Amazing Sarong (2015). Filled with vibrant illustrations depicting life in Singapore during the 1980s, the children’s book follows siblings Adi and Nora as they go on an adventure with their beautiful sarong. The book hopes to inspire young readers to use their creativity and imagination. The book is also available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

This Is What Inequality Looks Like

This-Is-What-Inequality-Looks-Like-New-Cover-Teo-You-Yenn singlit books

This Is What Inequality Looks Like (2019) by associate professor Teo You Yenn shines a light on how class inequalities are embedded in education, labour, care and welfare. This best-selling book of essays has not only confronted and propelled inequality to the forefront of discussions, but has also encouraged readers to see themselves as part of the problem and the solution. 

How We Disappeared

How We disappeared singlit books

For a glimpse into life as a comfort woman in the 1940s during the second world war, check out How We Disappeared (2019) by author Jing-Jing Lee. This harrowing yet poignant novel opens a window to a little-known period of history, revealing the strength and bravery shown by numerous women in the face of terrible cruelty during the Japanese occupation.

There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets!

There-are-saga-seeds-in-our-pockets-by-Maria-Mahat singlit books

Delight the young ones with this children’s picture book Ada Biji Saga Di Dalam Saku Kami! (2016) by author Maria Mahat and illustrator Idris Ali. Brimming with child-like curiosity, this English-Malay book follows young boys Mahir and Aqil as they explore Malay culture and discover early Singapore history.

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