5 Silver Arts events for dates with your grandparents

5 Silver Arts events for dates with your grandparents

The lockdowns and social distancing caused by the pandemic have hit seniors hard. Silver Arts is the perfect antidote. This free annual arts and culture festival aims to enhance the well-being of seniors and people around them with multicultural performances, interactive exhibitions and activities in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Chinese dialects.

Spend some quality time with your elders at live events and motivational online presentations. The festival will also help seniors find new interests and hobbies, with presentations on subjects ranging from the basics of ukulele playing to the art of essential oils. You can also help seniors participate online from the comfort of home.

This 10th edition of Silver Arts, organised by the National Arts Council, runs through to December with the theme ‘TENacity’ – bringing a message of hope and continued possibilities. Save the number 97399654 as ‘Silver Arts’, open your WhatsApp, type ‘Sub’, and the National Arts Council will send you alerts about scores of events and talks.

Check out the full listing of Silver Arts live and virtual events here and read on as we serve up 5 Silver Arts highlights.

Fri, 3 Sep – Old Songs of Redhill Market

A group of music lovers wrote their own melodies as they sought their rhythm amidst the daily bustle of Redhill Market. And so the songs of Redhill Market were born – connected by culture, food and all things Singapore in the good old days.

Take your grandparents along to the Victoria Theatre for nostalgic tunes inspired by the tinkle of a trishaw bell, the colourful lights of Great World Amusement Park, and even the crispy texture of a fried dough stick. Performed in Mandarin and Hokkien, with English surtitles. Reserve seats for Old Songs of Redhill Market here.

Sat, 4 Sep – SwingOUT Party

Week 36_Silver Arts_SwingOUT Party arts events

Join City Swing Big Band at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre as they play evergreen classics by kings of the 1940s swing era Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw. Reserve SwingOUT Party tickets here for an afternoon of toe-tapping feel-good music at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. The fun begins at 3pm.

Sun, 12 Sep – I Only Care About You

Week 36_Silver Arts_I Only Care About You_Tallin Ang

Homegrown songstress Tallin Ang pays tribute to beloved mandopop queen Teresa Tang at the Drama Centre Theatre, accompanied by Chinese chamber ensemble Ding Yi Music Company and virtual choir, Voices of Singapore. Tallin, who is often called Little Teresa Tang by her fans, will take Grandma and Grandpa down memory lane with ballads like The Moon Represents My Heart, Tian Mi Mi (Sweet As Honey), and Goodbye My Love. Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles. There are two performances, at 3pm and 8pm. Reserve seats for I Only Care About You here.

Sat, 25 Sep – Gambar Kegemaran

Week 36_Silver Arts_Gambar Kegemaran

Help your family’s Pioneer Generation relive the glory days of Malay movies in Singapore. Syawal Kassim and his band – as well as the silky voices of Rahimah, Iskandar, and Teeqa RZ – are ready to serenade you, while multimedia designs from Mervin Wong transport you back to a time of black-and-white movies, drive-ins, and 5-cent kachang puteh. The great P. Ramlee made musical movies wildly popular across the Malay peninsula and the movement was carried forward in Singapore by Cathay-Keris Films, which boasted Pak Zubir (who famously penned Majulah Singapura) as its full-time composer. Don’t miss this show and book your seats for Gambar Kegemaran here.

Sat, 25 Sep – Pathey Nimidam

Week 36_Silver Arts_Pathey Nimidan

If you are a family of Tamil speakers, the Silver Arts Tamil play festival is a must-see. Presented by Ravindran Drama Group, the event draws in numerous Tamil and non-Tamil playwrights, directors and actors who together have created five short dramas, each about 10 minutes long. Three of them will be presented alongside a post-show dialogue that delves deeper into the theme of tenacity. The National Arts Council’s Facebook page makes it easy to reserve free seats for Pathey Nimidam, and you can also register to tune into the post-show discussion.

(Photos: Big City Swing Band, Tallin Ang, Ravindran Drama Group)

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