5 arts and culture courses to chase away your boredom

5 arts and culture courses to chase away your boredom

If you want to pick up a new skill or hobby but don’t know where to start, consider signing up for short courses in art and design, organised by LASALLE College of the Arts. The Continuing Education Programme is designed for learners of all ages and abilities interested in learning more about arts and design topics. The courses range from hands-on art workshops to dance classes and they cater to everyone from beginners to those who are fairly advanced. Read on for our pick of arts courses that promise to spark joy in your life.

For art enthusiasts

ceramic making arts and culture courses

Let your creative juices flow at this ceramic-making course led by a professional ceramicist. Participants will learn basic hand-building techniques and create their own ceramic objects such as cups and bowls. The eight-week course runs from 11 Sep to 30 Oct. Learn more about Ceramics for Absolute Beginners here.

For aspiring fashion stylists

Fashion Styling arts and culture courses

If you plan to start a side hustle in fashion, take this fashion styling course to help you up your fashion game and gain a better understanding of the industry. This four-week course combines practical and theory lessons and introduces participants to trends in contemporary fashion. It runs from 24 Nov to 18 Dec. Learn more about Fashion Styling here.

For budding storytellers

spoken-word arts and culture courses

Improve your poetry writing skills with this six-week creative writing course that focuses on the fundamentals of writing poetry. Participants will get to create, refine and perform their poems. The course runs from 10 Nov to 15 Dec. Learn more about Creative Writing: Spoken Word Poetry here.

For adventurous dancers 

Irish Inspirational Dance arts and culture courses

Pick up the proper techniques and skills of Irish dancing through this dance course for beginners. At the end of the four-week course, you will likely find your strength and flexibility improved. Don’t miss this course which runs from 8 Sep to 1 Oct.Learn more about Irish Inspirational Dance here.

For music enthusiasts

foundations-music arts and culture courses

Build a strong foundation in musical instruments and music theory knowledge through this course, which teaches participants the basics of reading music scores and recognising music styles, rhythms and keys. The course runs from 14 Aug to 22 Jan. Learn more about Foundations of Music here.

(Photos: LASALLE College of the Arts)

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