3 ways to fully enjoy the Bicentennial Experience
From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience includes an indoor multimedia show and outdoor displays. (Photos: Claudio Chock)

3 ways to fully enjoy the Bicentennial Experience

History, mass event, crowd-magnet. These qualities might not immediately endear the Bicentennial Experience at Fort Canning Park to most people. But the free, large-scale showcase of Singapore’s 700-year legacy, which opens to the public on Saturday (1 June), shouldn’t be missed.

The event is the high point of Singapore’s year-long commemoration of its transformation – from a place on the map to a nation that people hold dear to their hearts, and the experience is unlike any previous telling of Singapore’s history.

It comprises an indoor multimedia show which plays regularly throughout the dayand outdoor displays that the public can enjoy at leisure. Together, they offer an immersive, multi-sensory spectacle that promises to impress. Here are three ways to fully embrace the experience:

Immerse yourself in the moment

The multimedia show within Fort Canning Centre, which traces Singapore’s 700-year story in 60 minutes, is sleek and awe-inspiring. Itfeatures live-action actors who lend a palpable quality to the digital projections of panoramic, historical scenes. The visually stunning presentation also uses atmospherics, including the indoor rain effect, to evoke a range of feelings from melancholy to hope and jubilance.

Be part of the action

To maximise your experience, don’t be shy, participate. The multi-media show, for example, invites visitors to pick a trait important to Singapore and the tallied response is shown on-site. There are also outdoor displays that incorporate elements of augmented reality, which can be activated by using a smartphone to scan the QR codes that accompany the items.

Pause on occasion

The showcase is not only about the spectacular, it also invites visitors to contemplate their experience, especially at the outdoor pavilions and displays. For example, the pavilion that resembles an open-air library with quotes, books and story excerpts featuring historical figures and our contemporary writers invites visitors to pen their thoughts on Singapore’s past and their hopes for the future.

More information about the Bicentennial Experience here.

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