3 reasons to catch the free Light to Night Festival | The A List
The Light to Night Festival (10 to 19 Jan), a free event held in the Civic District, features captivating light installations and fun arts experiences for both young and old. (Photos: Claudio Chock)

3 reasons to catch the free Light to Night Festival | The A List

Night light shows are all the rage these days in Singapore. There is the Light to Night Festival and iLight Singapore, as well as the Singapore Night Festival and #futuretogether. Confused much? Don’t be.

The one festival you need to know about and catch in the next week is the free Light to Night Festival (10 to 19 Jan). Held in and around the Civic District, the Festival includes highlights such as a large-scale escape game in the National Gallery museum, comedy and music performances, and outdoor light projections and art installations.

A marquee event of Singapore Art Week, the city’s annual visual arts celebration, the Festival is organised by National Gallery Singapore and its partners in the district, including The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall, the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Esplanade.

Here are three defining features of the Festival this year, which make it stand out:

optical maze light to night

The party starts before nightfall
As its name suggests, the Festival runs not just at night but from day to night, which means double the fun for visitors. The festival programme includes works and art experiences that can be enjoyed both in the day and at night. Some pieces also transform as the day proceeds. Optical Maze, by architectural studio OTTOTTO from Portugal, for example, is a colourful pavilion in the Padang by day and a glowing, interactive maze at night. Other installations, such as Shadows Of Dust And Clouds by homegrown art collective Vertical Submarine features a mirror in the Asian Civilisations Museum lawn that reveals covert messages under the cover of night.

interactive facade

More than just “look-see”
Visitors to the Festival will not need to worry about feeling restless. Its works and activities are often interactive in nature and visitors can easily be a part of the action. There is the large-scale escape game, True Lies: Secrets Of The Gallery, where participants get to uncover “secrets” about the National Gallery Singapore’s art and architecture. Festival-goers can also leave their stamp on the City Hall facade by using their smartphones to add artistic elements to the digital mural on the building’s exterior.

clement space

Intentionally inclusive
This Festival features works by a diverse community of creatives, including artists with disabilities. Not-to-be-missed especially is Clement Space in the National Gallery by researcher and multi-disciplinary artist, Dawn-joy Leong. Leong, who is autistic, draws on her personal experience to offer visitors an immersive space that welcomes all who seek calm and beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Additional reporting by Huang Lijie. Details about the Light to Night Festival here.

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