3 easy ways to make art sessions with your toddler fun
The Singapore Art Museum’s Toddler Art Workshops offer creative ways for parents and children to bond over art-making. (Photo: Singapore Art Museum)

3 easy ways to make art sessions with your toddler fun

Toddlers, with their inexhaustible energy and persistent curiosity, are a perfect fit for art-making. The activity encourages creativity and the development of fine motor skills.

But routinely doodling or filling up a colouring book can get boring, both for children and their parents. So, we spoke with the Singapore Art Museum’s senior manager of education and programmes Wang Ting Ting, for ideas on how to keep art-making sessions fun and fresh for tiny tots and adults.

Here are three easy ways to ensure that art-making with toddlers is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Draw inspiration from everyday life

Running out of new ideas for art-making sessions? Look to everyday activities and topics for inspiration. Visits to the neighbourhood park, for example, are opportunities to observe art in nature, such as the colours of plants and the shapes of objects, as well as to make art on the spot, by drawing in the sand or soil with twigs. Or, pick up fallen leaves and flowers and bring them home to press or use as craft materials.

Parents, get your hands dirty too

Don’t just supervise from the side; make the artwork together. The intimate experience of collaborating on an art piece helps to build parent-child bonds. It also allows the parent to nurture creativity in their children. An art activity that encourages this is fruit and vegetable stamping. The parent can ask the child for suggestions on shapes to carve and allow the child to make the prints. 

Don’t be afraid of mess

Art-making with high-energy toddlers can get messy, and that is not necessarily a bad thing; the key is to ensure controlled chaos. One way to do this is to mark out a corner in the house for art-making, with art materials within easy reach for children to experiment and get inspired. The dedicated space also makes it easy for parents to clean up the area and get their children to help as well.

Learn more about the Singapore Art Museum’s toddler art workshops here.

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